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Coroplast Printing

The main use of a coroplast lawn sign is to promote your business or event in the most cost effective way. These lawn signs are very light and easy to set up and disassemble.  They stand utilizing a strong wire stand (H Stake) and  mounted by threading wire prongs into the corrugations of the sheet (like honeycomb shape). These coroplast signs are less expensive than other metal signs and are durable to withstand the wind or rain.  Imagination Works can design and print directly onto the coroplast single or double sided, black and white or full color.

Samples of Coroplast sign usage

Fitness Trainer: A personal trainer installs lawn signs at the park so his costumers can see where he is located. At the end of his sessions, he picks them up and stores them in his vehicle. Shutter & Blinds: The company utilizes the coroplast lawn signs in two ways: First, installs the signs around the city to promote its products and services. Secondly, places the lawn signs in front of the home where the shutters/blinds are being installed.